Following the success of the 1st Money Conference which took place in 2018, the Cyprus Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Cyprus Russian Business Association and Top Kinisis Conferences & Events, are pleased to announce the 2nd MONEY CONFERENCE 2019 which will take place on the 10th of October 2019 at the Hilton Park Hotel in Nicosia.

The concept of the Conference revolves around the universal idea that investments accrue from all sorts of commodities, ideas etc. Hence, a unique Conference is organized analyzing and explaining in clear words that money can be made by investing not only in real estate or shares as is commonly believed but also in art, diamonds, gold, start-up companies and so on.

All these investments should of course be made in consultation with the professionals and careful study of all data available. The programme of the Conference will include keynote speakers and panels showcasing up-to-date information and strategies on profitable investments. Presentations by speakers will be moderated in order for delegates to have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and asking questions or making comments.

This focused, interactive Conference, provides a unique opportunity to engage with leading investment professionals. The participation list includes management level executives and other high-profile officials, also making it an ideal gathering for networking.

Join us in this unique Conference!